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Published on January 17th, 2014 | by Guest Post


Why should Virgin Media be your mobile provider?

Virgin Media is rapidly becoming one of the hottest mobile phone service providers in the UK. The company does provide great tariffs and special offers, as well as consistently being commended for a high level of customer service. But what do they really have to offer? Today we’re looking at some of the benefits of choosing Virgin Media as your mobile service provider.

Virgin’s Flexibility…

Probably the biggest reason that so many people decide to go with Virgin Media is their flexibility. There’s a large choice of both monthly and pay as you go plans, more so than with other operators. The pay as you go plans are particularly flexible and popular, giving people the opportunity to get great tariff deals without having to sign a contract that you may not be able to afford.

Benefits of Switching…

Plus, Virgin makes it easy to switch to their services. You can keep your old phone, of course, but you can also keep the phone number that you have with another provider. All you are required to do is to make sure that your old mobile service provider unlocks your phone to other providers, so that you’ll be able to use your phone with Virgin.


Virgin allows pay as you go clients to upgrade, which is unusual in a service provider, who usually reserve these perks for contract customers. A pay as you go customer that spends a hundred pounds is offered a variety of benefits, including extra calling minutes as well as messaging bundles.

Variety of Contracts…

If you decide that you prefer to sign a contract for your phone, then Virgin is one of the few providers that allows customers to sign twelve month contracts. They have traditional twenty four month contracts too, but a twelve month contract allows you more freedom, and the ability to either switch providers after a year or to upgrade your phone with a new contract in a shorter period of time than the two year period that most service providers use.

Monthly Tariffs…

Virgin offer four main monthly tariff packages, which are easy to understand and to use. The Starter plan offers you 200 calling minutes, 500 MB of data and 500 text messages from £25 per month. The Essential plan gives you 600 calling minutes, 1 GB of data and unlimited text messages from £25 per month. The Premiere plan offers 2500 calling minutes, and unlimited data and text messages, and the Premiere 08 plan offers the same but includes 500 calling minutes to 08 numbers.

Monthly Plans with Phones…

There are also some great deals on a Virgin mobile phone if you sign up for a monthly plan too. A Nokia Lumia 610 starting from just £20 per month, or a Samsung Galaxy Ace for the same price, for example. Or for just a little more you could get the HTC One V, which goes for just £24 per month.

With so many benefits, it’s not really surprising that Virgin Media is doing so well on the UK mobile phone market. You might want to think about switching… Phil Turner was checking out Virgin mobile phone deals recently and found a good number that suited him.

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