Facebook has announced its new standalone social tool for iOS, called Paper. Zuckerberg’s team would have you believe it’s more than just a news-reading app, but even so it’s clear where Facebook has pulled its inspiration from.

Paper takes your Facebook news feed and throws it into a new layout. Instead of scrolling downwards to see what your friends have been up to, Paper lets your swipe from side to side. The app adopts a tiled layout, so like Flipboard you’ll be able to see multiple news posts at a glance, and there’s also a WYSIWYG editor for adding new content. There are no buttons or menus cluttering the screen.

“It’s a new way to browse stories from your friends, find topics you care about and share stories with your friends,” said Michael Reckhow, the Facebook product manager overseeing the project. “We hope that this helps to connect people directly to the source of the content.”

All in all, Paper actually sounds quite good. But it’s still a shameless Flipboard rip-off.

Paper will be launching on iPhone on 3rd February. It’s an ad-free US exclusive for now, but it won’t be long before Paper hits Europe too. You can find out more about Paper on the Facebook website.

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